Teacher’s Day 2018

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The role of a teacher in building the civilized society was hailed during the teacher’s day celebrations held at various schools on 5th September 2018 (Wednesday). Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of India’s first Vice President Sarvpalli Shri Randhakrishnan and also commemorate the death anniversary of one of the greatest teacher, the greatest humanitarian of the 20th century Mother Teresa who taught by her life, who taught by her example.

Enthusiasm and festivity marked the teacher’s day celebration at Montfort School .The school campus was gripped with favour as the students made the day a memorable experience for the teachers. It was the time for both students and teachers to look back, got inspired by Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan and his principles and paid tribute to this great visionary, philosopher and educationist.

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Student performance exclusively for teachers was a memorable one. Students from class LKG to X had put in great effort to treat their teachers with their talented performances. Dance music, skit and drama had made the day.

The students had put in great effort and had made it a point that their teachers enjoy the day. The programme commenced with musical tribute to Dr. Sarvpalli Shri Randhakrishnan, followed by cultural programmes and then it was followed by games for teachers. The programme was organized and taken care of by the students of STD. X.


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All the students expressed their love and thankfulness for their teachers in the form of wishes, cards, flowers and their performance.

The principal Bro. Pradeep Horo in his speech, said that, “It is the profession of a teacher that is respected by all other professions.” He also said that, “It is the profession of a teacher that teaches all other professions. The teacher is the one who creates an engineer, doctor, soldier, businessman, actor, minister etc. by educate to the students. After our parents, the people who most significantly impact our lives – and a lifelong love or dislike for a particular subject – are our teachers. Teachers’ Day is an occasion to celebrate this unique role that gives youth the power to shape young minds and thereby the future of a country.”

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