Christmas Gathering 2018

Christmas is a time to give and forgive. Celebrated everywhere as a joyous family affair, we too, at our school celebrated Christmas Gathering at 21st December 2018 as a happy time for children.

Our little children of the school presented the Nativity Scene with painted images of baby Jesus and his parents (Birth of Jesus) specially crafted by the school children. The performance of students on stage exclusively for Christmas was a memorable one. Christmas Carol, Dance, music, and skit made the day explicable with joy and enthusiasm.

Santa too made a grand entry in the school auditorium with the chocolates. The delight was uncontained, especially as he brought out the gifts! The Crib and classrooms too had been decorated with bright and colourful bells, stockings and stars, created by the children in their craft class. 

“The precious gifts of Love, Peace and Joy were the gifts, God handed us with the birth of Jesus Christ. In turn, we must do similar to those less beholden than ourselves” said the Chief Guest Fr. Lalit Kerketta (Asst. Parish Priest, Bitha). 

As well as the winners of Karate competition were also rewarded.

At the end of the ceremony, everyone did dance together. Students and teachers exchange gifts with their own Christmas friend. Finally everyone greeted each other with Christmas greetings and auspicious wishes of the New Year.

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9th Annual Day 2018


15th December 2018, the Saturday chill did not deter the enthusiasm of the students of Montfort School, Hathiagonda, Kanke Road, Ranchi, as they celebrated 9th Annual Day – Mont Spectra 2018 with the theme ‘Readers are Leaders’.

The event started at 4 o’clock. The evening warmed up to the cultural performances of Dance, Drama and Music by the students. The highlight of the evening was the skit presented by class IX students which highlighted the menace of Social Media on the students. The students presented a skit which showcased how reading opens a new world for the Reader. A captivating colourful dance was performed by the students, which was highly appreciated. Active participation of maximum numbers of students was seen. The toppers of the school session 2017-18 were recognized for their achievements and alumni were honored with a memento.

Presiding over the event was Rev. Bro. Dionigi Taffarello, Vicar General, Rome, Guests of Honour Rev. Bro. Pratap Reddy, Asst. General and Rev. Bro. Clement Kandulna Provincial Superior, for this occasion. Many parents were present to encourage the children.

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