Farewell 2020

A farewell program was organised for the outgoing batch of Class X on February 8, 2020. This wonderful day began with a farewell Mass offered by Rev. Bro. Satheesh.

The class 10 students were welcomed by class 9 with flowers. That was followed by a meaningful programme organized by a class 9 which began with a short prayer service followed by a fun and frolic programme which consisted of drama, dance and a wonderful farewell song. Three games was conducted for Class 10.

It was a moment of reliving the good memories they had of the school and their companions and teachers. Sr. Sheena, class teacher of 10 shared her experiences with the students of class 10 and wished them well in their future career.

Anish Kerketta and Neha Kumari shared their views about class 10 and how they felt about School. The principle Bro. Satheesh gave a final message to the class 10 by giving out mementos that would remind them of their school.

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