Inter House Debate Competition 2018-19

Montfort School organised a Inter House Debate Competition for the students. The competition will be divided in three Groups:

  • VII-VIII (on 08/08/2018)

Topic – Are social networking sites effective, or are they just a   sophisticated means for stalking people?

  • V-VI (on 09/08/2018)

Topic – Is Television/Electronic Media an effective tool in building the minds of children?

  • IX-X (on 11/08/2018)

Topic – Tuitions VS Classroom studies: Which one is better way to learn?

The participants were well prepared and explained their point of view very well. The parameters of the judging was Organization and Clarity, Use of Arguments, Use of Examples and Facts, Audience and Judges Questions, Use of Rebuttal & Presentation Style. The judges were deeply engrossed in the session. The Co-ordinators was very supportive and a motivational source for the participants.

The winning team of each group as:

Std. VII-VIII – Trichet

Std. V-VI – Louis

Std. IX-X – Louis

On the occasion the participants and the management designed such innovative topic which is so socially relevant.

D2 D1D4D3

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