Republic Day 2019

26th of January is a gala day for every Indian. On 26th Jan. 1950, the Constitution of India came into force and our country, India became the Republic. We celebrate this day as a festival every year.

This year it was celebrated with pomp and show in our school. All the students assembled on the school ground at 8:30 am. After some time Bro. Superior, The Principal and other distinguished persons arrived. Bro. Superior and The principal unfurled the national flag. This was followed by our National Anthem ‘Jan Gan Man’ sung by students and teachers. Then the all students were get ready for march past.

This day was also the birthday of the Principal. The programme began with a birthday cake cutting by the Principal. Followed by this Patriotic dance presented by the students. Birthday also was celebrated along with the programme.

The Principal addressed the gathering.

The whole programme of Republic day was nice. The programme ended with the distribution of cake…..

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