School Annual Picnic 2019

The most awaited day of the year was the School Annual Picnic 2019 to Balaghat, Basiya. The school picnic was for the students of STD IV to X.

Balaghat gave an experience of being surrounded by greenery and the beauty of nature with the bank of Koyal River. We started at 8.00 am in the morning with prayer and a feeling of a great day ahead. The students were extremely excited and kept singing songs in the bus till they reached the venue.

Students were amazed to see the Natural Beauty. A delicious breakfast was followed by a tour of the place where the students were excited and shook their legs to the thumping dance numbers which were played in the river. They even created a few crazy steps and the teachers too joined the fun. Every child was given an opportunity to participate and enjoy themselves.

The most enjoyable time was in the game of Housie. After a tiring and fun packed morning we all headed for lunch where we all relished different items of food.

All the students expressed a desire to revisit the place again. Indeed it was a great day for all the students and teachers, as it strengthened the bond between the students and their teachers.
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A picnic trip to the Ormanjhi was organized for the students of Primary section, STD. I, II & III on 29th January, 2019. The Zoo of Ormanjhi is home to several mammals, birds, reptiles and other species in a diverse natural habitat. The afternoon was sunny and pleasant, making it perfect for walking around the zoo.
The students enthusiastically observed an array of animals and birds as their teachers pointed out their special characteristics. They saw some familiar and unfamiliar species of animals and birds– the Lion, Tiger, Leopard, Elephant, jaguar, Black Swan, migratory birds, etc. The students were very excited to see animals and birds ‘for real’ as compared with looking at them in their picture books and on television.
An underlying message learnt on the excursion was the need to love and nurture the animal kingdom which is a gift of Mother Nature.The experience of the sights, sounds and behaviour of several different species was a particularly special one for the children.

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